NOx/O2 / NH3 on-line detection system

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High precision, high resolution, rapid response (the actual response time is within 2 seconds), good stability and repeatability
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1, High precision, high resolution, rapid response (the actual response time is within 2 seconds), good stability and


2, Automatic tracking of zero and full range, and temperature

compensation can be performed;

3, Automatic protection functions, including waterproof,

explosion-proof, shock proof, and high concentration gas

percussion, as well as good anti-jamming performance;

4, Software calibration function. Users can also calibrate by

themselves. Simple operation and convenient maintenance;

5, Data recovery function, which can exempt you from worries

caused by wrong operation;

6, High precision inner and outer filter, which can filter

impurities effectively;

7, Adopt imported high-performance sensors, and the service

life is up to 3-5 years;

8, Regular counter blowing function which can help to clean




Application range of NOx/O ₂ / NH ₃ detector

NOx/O₂/NH₃ detectors are widely used in the flue gas emission

monitoring in electric power, glass, steel, chemical

engineering,kiln, environmental monitoring, distributed energy,

research center, experimental platform and other fields.


The detector consists of NOx online detector and ammonia

escape analyzer. It can perform real-time detection of NOx, and

convert according to the actual oxygen content. At the same

time, it can also detect the escape amount of NH3 in the

exhaust gas. The detector adopts the extraction method, which

separates the sampling system from the analysis system, so the

analysis system is in a space with relatively good environment.



The collected data can be converted into 4-20 mA output. It

can be extended to RS485 output. It can also be extended to

touch screen. At the same time, it has internet of things remote

transfer function, which can transmit the field monitoring data

to all over the world through GPRS/wifi. It is convenient for

after-sales maintenance and monitoring the actual usage.


As the flue gas discharged by industrial enterprises often

contains dust, particulate matter, ammonium sulfate,

ammonium hydrogen sulfate and other sulfide, which will

cause blocking, short circuit or poisoning to the probes, the

flue gas need to be filtered. In order to prevent water vapor

condensation and soot blocking, this equipment is equipped

with heating belts and ceramic filters to effectively filter





Product features

AIREP is committed to the development and industrialization

application of flue gas purification technology

AIREP is committed to the development and industrialization

application of flue gas purification technology

Measuring range:NOx:0-3000ppm, O₂: 0-21%, NH₃: 0-50ppm

Measuring accuracy:≤±5%

Response time:≤2s

Environment temperature requirements:-20〜50 °C

Flue gas pressure:-6〜1kpa

Flue gas temperature:0〜800°C

Response time:2s

Sampling probe weight:about 30kg

Analysis tank weight:about 80kg

Signal output:4-20mA or 0-5V

Internet of things function:

It also has the GPRS output NOx, O ₂, NH ₃ analog quantity

function.  Relying on a lifetime free open internet of things

cloud platform, it can realize remote real-time view data, record export, alarm information push. It can change the frequency,

and set physical value corresponding to the analog quantity in

the Internet of things platform. Real time curves and history

records can be viewed on the mobile web pages, WeChat or

computer web pages.      


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