Marine SCR denitration system

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To curb air pollution by the vessels, in October 2008, the pollution conventions Rules for preventing air pollution from vessels and Rules for nitrogen oxide technology amendment were passed on the 5
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Tier Ⅲ emission standards

To curb air pollution by the vessels, in October 2008, the pollution conventions  Rules for preventing air pollution from vessels and Rules for nitrogen oxide technologyamendment were passed on the 58th meeting host by Marine Environmental Protection Committee of the International Maritime Organization. The amendments mainly set strict limits on the nitric oxide emissions from marine diesel engine exhaust. According to the regulations of the International Maritime Organization, since January 1, 2016, when the vessels are sailing in the specified emission control areas, they should comply with the strict nitrogen oxide emissions standard III.


Emission control area (ECA)

Current emissions control areas include the North sea area, the Baltic sea area, North America area and the Caribbean etc. These areas are also active seaborne trade areas, which mean that there will be a lot of ships that need to install diesel engines that meet emissions standards III. Now the only mature product that can meet the standards is SCR selective catalytic reduction system.


AIREP marine SCR denitration system, with RMS power of 800-40000 KW. Its processing efficiency can meet IMO TierIII  standards.

AIREP marine SCR system includes urea solution storage system, urea solution urea supply system, urea injection

system, compressed air purification system, catalyst system, centralized control system, monitoring system and all kinds of sensors, etc.


The system has the advantages of high integration, small dimension, simple operation, easy installation, accurate control, etc. The Working temperature range of the catalyst is 260 ~ 600 ℃, and NOx processing capacity is more than 90%, which can meet the NOx mission requirements of diesel and gas engines.

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