Beijing's largest distributed energy denitration project signed with our company has been successfully put into operation

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2017/11/14 16:50
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At the end of August 2017, our company successfully signed the Huadian Science and Technology Group gas distributed energy denitrification catalyst and system supply contract. This project is also the largest distributed energy project in Beijing and has important promotion significance. The NOx design treatment efficiency of the project is over 97%, and the NOx in the exhaust gas is treated with the Super DeNOx series catalyst developed by our company with improved low resistance and high space velocity. At present, the project has undergone stringent commissioning and has been put into trial operation with a minimum emission concentration of 0 ppm to achieve zero emissions and achieve 100% removal efficiency. This is the third distributed energy denitrification project in Beijing since the division of Beijing Qinghe Hospital and other distributed energy high-temperature denitrification projects. It is also the lowest emission project in Beijing.

Our company has continued to research and innovate in denitrification technologies in the gas-fired distributed energy industry, and successfully developed high-performance denitration catalysts and high-temperature denitration catalysts that can replace imported products, and successfully operated, providing customers with a strong guarantee for the project. The smooth signing provided performance support and won the approval of the owners.

Thanks for the support of all parties and the efforts of all staff. Thank you for your trust and support to our company!