AIREP successfully signed Beijing data center internal combustion engine denitration demonstration project

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2016/10/27 01:08
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On October 24, 2016, our company successfully signed the Beijing MTU2000KW gas engine high temperature denitrification demonstration project. The project design NOx emission concentration as low as 30mg/Nm3, design processing efficiency of more than 95%, using our research and development of improved high-temperature SCR denitration catalyst and SCO catalytic oxidant combined treatment of NOx and VOCs in the exhaust.
Our company has continued research and innovation in the denitrification technology of the fixed internal combustion engine industry, and successfully developed 35*35 holes, 40*40 hole catalysts and high-temperature denitration catalysts, and successfully operated, providing customers with a strong guarantee for the project. The smooth signing provided performance support and won the approval of the owners.
Thanks for the support of all parties and the efforts of all staff. Our company promises to finish the task with quality and quantity, thank you for your trust and support to our company!