AIREP successfully signed the a 260 t + 75 t boiler denitration catalyst and online testing equipment procurement

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2017/01/01 01:05
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On January 1, 2017, at the beginning of the New Year, our company once again held hands with Jianghe Paper, successfully signed the 260t+75t coal-fired boiler denitrification catalyst purchase contract and the new NH3/NOx/O2 on-line inspection equipment developed and produced by our company. My company's continuous innovation in technology and R&D has developed a variety of new functional catalysts that provide customers with a strong guarantee. It also provides performance support for the smooth signing of the project and has won the owners' approval. Thanks for the support of all parties and the efforts of all staff. Our company promises to finish the task with quality and quantity, thank you for your trust and support to our company!