Science and technology innovation system

The scientific research strength of the company relies on the desulfurization and denitrification research group of School of Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology. Anhui University of Technology, Shanghai Maritime University Merchant Marine Institute Ship Engine Room Laboratory, as well as the New Pollutant Research Group, School of Environment, Tsinghua University, and the supporting research and development infrastructures have been built. The company has established a complete experiment and theoretical computing platform for SCR denitration and ammonia absorption. There are four existing industry-university-institute cooperation projects, including: steel dioxin device, ship denitration device, the recovery and regeneration of waste catalyst and new high temperature denitration catalyst. The company formed a technology research and development center since its establishment, including one laboratory and a pilot plant, which is mainly engaged in the research of denitrification and dioxin atalyst and regeneration technology. There are 8 professional technical talents with master degree and above, and 12 with bachelor degree or above. The company has cooperated with universities and has organized a team of solid professional foundation, so the research and development strength is very strong. The company currently has 13 relevant patents, and has completely independent intellectual property rights of related products.

SCO - SCR pilot plant

Mobile flue gas detection laboratory


In addition to the modern production equipment, the company also has a flue gas purification technology research and development system, product performance testing system, XRD, XRF, BET, SEM, laser particle size analysis, strength test, GC - MS, doppler particle size analysis and other advanced research and development, testing, and detection equipment. On the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced denitrification and dioxin technology, the company carries out independent innovation, and independently researched and developed the flue gas purification treatment technology that is more suitable for the Chinese market. The company has mature technology in the research and development, design, production, inspection, recycling and production line of gas denitrification and dioxin catalysis, and is a leader in China's flue gas denitrification and dioxin technology..

Multi-function absorption pilot plant

Mixing device

Activated carbon test device

Extrusion molding devices